Scripps Pier


Documenting all of the California piers is my calling. No, really, it may sound silly but that's the truth. This project found me years ago and I keep adding to it pier by pier. This is Scripps Pier - it is part of the Scripps Intitution of Oceanography at UCSD. And this is another chapter in my Into The Ocean project.

Scripps Pier is quite peaceful and the beach is so big I've never felt crowded when I've been there. Dogs are allowed the beach (on leash) in the early morning and evening, which is nice. You'll see lots of happy pups!

It's also a popular surf spot when there are waves and a paddle board spot when there aren't. Photographers love coming here and a lot of people show up to shoot the sunset so it's good to go early to get a good spot.


Because it's part of the research facility you can't go on the pier, but there are plenty of great views to be had underneath. Be prepared to walk if you visit. You can park for free at the La Jolla Shores park and there's plenty of parking. It's a quite the walk from the parking lot to the pier but you're walking on the beach, so what's the big deal? Aside from the college the neighborhood is very upscale residential (upscale as in mega-mansions right on the beach) so street parking is sparse. There's also a tiny paid parking lot off of El Paseo Grande, but don't park there on week days - you need a school decal - on weekends it's available and because it's paid there are usually open spots.

The best part about it is how it's built. The supports under Scripps Pier are a photographer's dream. I mean, look at that view! There's one day a year where the sun sets right in the center of the posts. I've never seen it, but it's on my pier bucket list. Of course that day lots of photographers line up to get that shot.

Want to see the weather and waves at any point of the day? Take a look at the pier cam. For more information on my Into The Ocean project and to see the map that tracks where I've been click here. Like I said, this is my calling. It's something that I am determined to do.