Pacifica Beach Pier - Great for Photos and More


I recently discovered Pacifica Beach Pier and have completely fallen in love with it. It's a wonderful location for photography.

Pacifica is this quaint and quiet little town. It's completely un-assuming which is rare for a coastal town in California given the price of living in these areas. It's a fishing pier but you don't need a license to fish there and it's known for crabbing. In fact, it's the only spot in The Bay Area where Dungeness crabbing is legal. From what I have seen it is VERY popular during crabbing season.

The pier has a distinct "L" shape and it was built in 1973. I love the geometry of it because it makes for more interesting photographs.

The waves can be very intense here - sometimes reaching all the way to the street. It's a daunting feeling being on the pier when the waves hit. You feel the force that jolts the structure and it can be a little unsettling.

Big ocean wave

Another thing I love about this area is how dog-friendly it is. Although dogs are not allowed on the actual pier, lots of people bring their dogs and walk along the boardwalk. I've brought Bella here and she loved it.

Dog Friendly Pacifica Beach

If you get hungry (or want to hide from the cold wind) you can go into the Chit Chat Cafe. It's located right at the beginning of the pier and they have all sorts of warm drinks and baked goods. Public bathrooms are conveniently located next to the cafe. Parking is easy here, too. You can always find a spot along the streets or in the public parking lots - and it's all free! I love coming here whether it's to take photos, or to just relax and smell the ocean air. I highly recommend it.


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